HymnSheet works with senior managers in medium and large enterprises in analysing working practices in Strategic Business Integration (SBI), the process of aligning strategies to corporate goals. We conduct on-going, face-to-face interviews and online research to establish SBI benchmarks of leading companies and market sectors. We incorporate this research into our methodologies and web-based tools, which enable clients to maximise performance and stay ahead of the competition.

How do we do this?

We have developed the HymnSheet Index for assessing a company's level of integration and the resulting business outcomes. This unique measure of leading performance indicators is based on the latest research into the strategic integration issues facing companies today. The chart below highlights analysis available to clients showing critical integration gaps in strategy. We summarise these findings in a report, providing an overall SBI score and recommendations for improving performance across the business cycle.

The business cycle is divided into phases of Readiness (R), Implementation (I), Execution (E), and Measurement (M). The objective is to be as close to 100% SBI to ensure that strategies are properly aligned to corporate goals. Other comparisons can be made between Sales, Marketing and other functions including R&D, Operations, HR, Customer Service, Finance, and Channel Partners.

We resolve misaligned strategies through a multi-channel mix of executive consultations, creative workshops and online support tools.

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