HymnSheet focuses on integrating a client's operations to maximise revenue, mitigate business risk and enhance customer relationships. As a performance management company, HymnSheet helps clients determine the degree and impact of unnecessary business risk and lack of integration within their business. Using HymnSheet's services and management tools, clients will develop the skills and awareness to manage these on-going challenges and consistently achieve revenue and market growth, the hallmark of well-run enterprises.

HymnSheet offers business risk management and integration services which are tailored to meet clients specific needs.

Industry Benchmarking
HymnSheet provides industry benchmarking so clients can review their integration and risk management practices within their respective market sector.

Management Briefings
HymnSheet works with senior managers, staff members, partners and customers to understand the business agenda as part of its fact finding phase.

Functional Assessment
Using innovative online management tools and management techniques, HymnSheet provides clients with a top-down and bottom-up assessment of the current state of the risk landscape and integration within an organisation. Clients will also be able to assess integration with partners and determine gaps in these key relationships.

Integration Arena
After determining the current level of business risk and integration, HymnSheet provides workshops to lay the foundation of best practice risk management and business integration going forward:

Integration Progress Review
A periodic integration review program for clients who have done functional assessments and workshops. HymnSheet will arrange a periodic review with relevant functional teams to track key issues of risk management and integration.

Change Management Review
HymnSheet reviews a client's strategic business integration requirements resulting from organisational change. Clients experiencing new phases of business growth or are undergoing mergers and acquisitions and related structural change will find this a valuable service. HymnSheet can also extend the service to different areas of the company that have not been previously assessed.

Ticker Tape
This service provides a 24-hour integration assessment for clients. Users will be able to assess and update their profile online, which will provide a continual assessment of business integration throughout the year.

Trusted Advisor Hot-Line
HymnSheet provides additional phone and email support to clients to ensure continual integration performance and success.

Go-to-Market Integration

From a more enhanced position of mitigated risk and integrated peformance, HymnSheet propels a client's go-to-market strategy with a variety of sales, marketing and HR services.

Here we inject 'everyone is my customer' principles to unify all participants, maximize resources, and, above all, provide a unique brand experience to the customer.

Business risk management and integration workshops are lively and highly instructive, instilling simple and easy to use processes that can be maintained and developed further by the client in the short and long-term.

Report and Presentation
HymnSheet provides a detailed report of the functional assessment and workshops, including recommendations for continued success in integrating your business practices. Upon request, HymnSheet provides presentation to teams throughout the company to further promote integration.

Health Check
HymnSheet provides a variety of after care services, including follow-up risk and integration assessments, online and phone support, and coaching and mentoring. Contact HymnSheet:

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