HymnSheet works with an array of partners who specialize in different aspects of business integration. If you are interested in partnering opportunities, please contact HymnSheet at or by phone on 0800 032 2463.

Some examples of HymnSheet Partners are provided below:

Light Minds

Light Minds is an exciting new company specializing in the integration of product design and development into sales and marketing strategy. Light Minds, founded by Gareth Loudon and Pav Chahal, partners with HymnSheet to provide best practice integration techniques between product groups and the rest of an organization. Light Minds also works with companies directly to help them create new product strategies whether starting from the discovery of new product opportunities, the design of new products, or the evaluation of products and market acceptance.
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Octopus Communications

Octopus is a highly successful communications consultancy that specializes in making messaging and positioning count in today's business environment. Octopus partners with HymnSheet to provide clients with the most effective ways to integrate PR and corporate communications strategy across an enterprise. Octopus shows how PR-driven communications can provide the best ROI in the marketing mix. Working together, Octopus and HymnSheet show how a client's integrated communications strategy can have a significant impact both internally and externally, and demonstrate how shared ownership of the company's message is a route to success.
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